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Keep calm we do the cleaning  

Detailed description of the services we provide.

Regular cleans

We offer regular cleaning weekly or fortnightly. These cleans include a team of two friendly and and fully trained girls for an allocated time. In these cleans we cover all your basic needs. We dust throughout, including all skirting's, door frames, furniture and light fittings. We vacuum and mop all floors. We do a full clean of bathrooms, including tiles and descaling. You can expect  full clean of the kitchen including, cupboard fronts, tiles and descaling. We also rotate cobwebing, moving furniture, inside windows and wiping down paintwork each week. We bring all of our own products and equipment with us.


Festive deep cleans

Our Festive deep cleans!  are the best way to get your home up to scratch as quickly as possible! and ready for those celebrations! We have designed a task list to make sure we cover every inch of your home and leave it looking absolutely fabulous!

Take a look at what we  include in theses cleans!

  • Removing cobwebs from ceilings,walls etc.
  • Dusting lamp/light shades, light switches and fittings,picture rails and frames and radiators.
  • Wiping down all paintwork, skirtings, doors and frames to remove any finger prints, coffee spills 0r general build up of dirt!
  • Cleaning behind and under any movable furniture
  • Inside windows,frames and mirrors.
  • Hoovering and moping all floors.
  • Kitchen including appliances -behind under and inside. All cupboard fronts,plynths, surfaces, tiles, degreasing and descaling of sinks, taps etc.
  • Bathroom including all tiles, bleaching of grout if needed, descaling shower screens, heads, taps, plugholes etc, wiping down skirtings, towel rails, mirrors, floors,descaling and bleaching of toilet if needed.


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Carpet cleaning

Why not get those carpets looking like brand new again? We offer highly professional carpet cleaning using a powerful spray and extraction system, to ensure you get efficient deep fibre cleaning!

The powerful suction makes sure your carpets are touch dry and ready to walk on in 1 to 2 hours! Our high quality products leave your carpets clean, fresh and smelling fantastic.

Our prices start at £25 per room depending on size  and condition.

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Builders cleans

After the builders have been you will often find excessive amounts of dust and debry left behind everywhere. We have designed a checklist to to make sure we remove all of this and get your home back in ship shape! 

  • removing labels and tape from bathrooms, sinks,toilets, windows and kitchen appliances.
  • removing piant or plaster from any floors, windows or surfaces.
  • cleaning of all internal windows, frames and sills.
  • cleaning of all skirtings,sockets and switches.
  • dust down all walls and ceilings.
  • removing any dust debry from inside any cabinets and draws throughout the house.
  • cleaning bathrooms, all tiles, showers, screens, basins, toilets and baths. We ensure a smear free finish.
  • cleaning all kitchen utilities including tiles, sinks, cupboards inside and out, fixtures and fittings and appliances.
  • hoover and mop all floors
  • ensure that the whole house/construcion site is dust and debry free. 

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End of tennancy cleaning


Every rented property needs to be cleaned at the end of your tenancy to get it back to inventry standard. (how it was when you arrived) we have years of experiance in cleaning at inventry standard and have designed a checklist to go by to make sure nothing gets missed out!

  • clean all paint work throughout house,
  • clean all inside windows and frames
  • walls to be spot cleaned to remove scuffs ect
  • cobweb removal, dusting curtain rails, light fittings and lamp shades
  • dusting/cleaning of all furniture left in the home
  • hoover and mop througout
  • kitchen cupboards inside,outside,underneath,on top,hinges and handels 
  • all kitchen tiles to be cleaned, degreased descailed
  • cleaning of all apliances, oven, microwave, abstracter, fridge, freezer, washing machine and tumble dryers
  • bathroom to be descailed includeing all tiles, shower screens, shower heads, taps, plugholes
  • toilettes to be cleaned descailed, bleached ect. 
  • grout bleaching if needed
  • any cabinets to be cleaned in and out 
  • towel rails cleaned/descailed 

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